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Established in Dec. 2017, One Road advertisement is specialized in elevator advertising, digital marketing, and relationship management. Located in Dubai, we serve clients around the world. Currently, we focus more on assisting our customers to promote their business with LCD screen outside the lifts of the UAE's premier commercial, residential towers and other buildings.


We are creators.

Business associates.

The builders of bridges,

Of meaningful relationships.

We are communicators.

We love the magic of strategy.

We are the data scientists.

The digital gurus.

The artists.

The ones that build and live for brands.

We are the ones,

That do better, better.


We help brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives

We delivery an affluent audience as they move through their day


In order to achieve the company's strategic goals, with the support of brand strategy, media innovation and information strategy, the company will always focus on the globalization strategy for the next three years. Using electronic screens and the Internet as a platform, through the installation of electronic displays covering different parts of Dubai, different functions and different grades of buildings, the exact matching of advertising content and delivery areas can be achieved, and high-efficiency, practicality and innovation can be achieved to create large-scale advertising information platforms. .In 2018, we first focused on precisely deploying 2000 LCD screens in Dubai's offices and residential buildings.