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High quality of audiences
Specific coverage of urban elite groups, high spending power.
Cost effective
Elevator advertising are much cheaper than  traditional outdoor advertising, newspaper & TV advertising.
High frequency
Elevator advertising  replays 60 times during  12 hours a day. Repeated exposure can lead to forced memory.
High mandatory
Everyday people go to office or go home will use elevators. Always boring while waiting for an elevator, people are willing to and have to watch the elevator advertising.


  • Improved Appearance

    The attractive showcase dress up the elevator interior. Pre-existing wall marks and scratches may be covered by the showcase. Local advertisers use elevator advertising to direct mail. Less Junk mail means less paper scattered throughout the property.

  • More interacting with your tenants

    We will display date, time, weather,and festival greeting, which shall rich community environment, increasing the sense of belonging of your tenants. The advertising introduces tenants to local services. New tenants especially find this to be of value.

  • A New Source of Income

    You may receive a fee based on the size and quality of your building. Payments are made automatically on a convenient schedule.